Electric Motor & Gears Drives

ABB has long advocated the need for efficiency in motors, and high efficiency products have formed the core of its portfolio for many years.

ABB has full range of IE2 and IE3 motors, already meeting today the Europe’s mandatory efficiency requirements for electric motors in 2011 and 2015, available from stock.

ABB has already today motors to meet the IE4 supper premium efficiency requirements, output from 75 to 355kw.

IEC 60034-30 defines three IE(international Efficiency) efficiency classes for motors 2 to 6 pole motors, from 0.75 to 375kw

Motors for the most demanding continuous process applications.

Tailor made to meet the individual needs of applications.








Your optimum outcome with our engineered solutions

The most effective solution is not selecting the right product. It’s also what you do with it. But some can’t offer you the choice. Which means you can never be sure you are being offered the solution you need, rather than the one your supplier needs to sell.
EISNL however offer engineered choice. Which means if an alternative product repair or even engineering will do the job more effectively, we will give you the choice and information to help you choose.

Naturally our repairs are of highest quality.