Industrial Corrosion and Wear

LNG Applications - Heat Exchangers, Pump Casings

Special fluid ceramic polymer coating. The polymer composite matrix is designed to achieve wear and chemical resistance for continuous immersion service up to 150°F (65°C). The coating chemistry provides outstanding corrosion and chemical resistance allowing it to be used in a wide variety of environments including caustic and acid service.


  1. Heat Exchangers
  2. Pump Casing
  3. Water Box
  4. Tube Sheet
  5. Storage Tanks
  6. Turbines •

LNG Applications - Heat Exchangers, Pump Casings

Immersion linings : The polymer matrix is specifically designed to achieve wear and chemical  resistance characteristics for the restoration and protection of metallic surfaces subjected to harsh corrosion and chemical attack. It provides outstanding chemical resistance allowing it to be used in a wide variety of environments including crude oil and sulphuric acid service.


  1. Pipe Coating
  2. Chemical Storage Tank
  3. Hot Drilling Fluid
  4. Hot Hydrocarbon
  5. Slurry Tankers
  6. Heat Exchangers
  7. Waste water tanks


Applications - Rapid Fix Application

High Temperature/Corrosion/Erosion Protection

Offshore & Onshore Applications

Arc Spray Coating- For Platforms

Corrosion Resistant Coating - Tanks

Corrosion Resistant Coating - Structures

Coating types for;

  1. Boiler tube coating to enhance thermal conductivity
  2. Reformer tubes to enhance metallurgical stability
  3. Sulphur resistant coatings
  4. Seawater corrosion resistance
  5. Tanks coating with Glass flakes
  6. Wear  resistant coating for pumps/impellers/Valves

Internal Cladding for Corossion Resistance on Slurry Transportation pipeline