Electric Motor Installation, Condition Monitoring & Repairs

Service for low voltage products and systems

The services we offered for the low voltage products and systems span the entire value chain, from the moment a customer makes the first inquiry to disposal and recycling of the product. Throughout the value chain, We provides training, technical support and customized contracts.

Technical Support and Repairs

When a repair is required, you want a fast and first-time-right intervention: Onside Repair, Workshop Repair, technical support.

With the market’s widest service network globally and service engineers standing by to carry out repairs on-site and in authorized workshops, we can offer different repair options to match your needs. Our service teams are on call 24/7 to provide the support you need. 

Fast response to situations of emergency of active and non-active products is part of our genetic code. With an installed base of millions of low voltage equipment all over the world, we are able to help you. No matter the type, model or age of our product. 

We have services to help identify failures in an early stage, increase the ‘first time right’ repair ratio, shorten the time to repair (MTTR) and reduce unplanned stoppages significantly.